Boston BioSciences Inc.


Drug Discovery and Development

Boston Biosciences is a pharmaceutical focusing on neuroscience therapy development. With comprehensive drug discovery engine, which utilizes compound library (millions of chemicals) and relational databases (multiple data types) to discover disease signatures, to identify promising targets, to synthesize de novo molecules, and to validate with functional assays. 

Our pipeline includes clinical-stage lead compounds (Caspase 3 inhibitors; LRRK2 inhibitors) and pre-clinical stage candidates (Targeted protein degradation and Gene therapy modulators).

Our advanced A.I. driven platforms (DrugCube , VectorCube & MotionCube ) are providing the best customized solutions for start-up companies in Boston. DrugCube is our A.I. platform for integrated in silico simulation engines, which empowers virtual screen (millions of chemicals) and retro-synthesis. VectorCube is our A.I. technology consolidated compound libraries for modulating tropism and expression dosage of gene therapy viral vectors. MotionCube is an A.I. powered digitized behavioral biomarker discovery and measurement platform, which compares animal behavioral changes element-by-element with or without treatment.

Boston Biosciences是一家专注于神经科学的制药公司。利用综合药物研发运算引擎,化合物库(数百万种化学品)和关系数据库(多种数据类型)发现疾病特征,识别潜力靶点,合成分子,并通过功能分析进行验证。

我们的产品线包括临床阶段先导化合物(Caspase 3抑制剂; LRRK2抑制剂)和临床前先导化合物(靶向蛋白质降解和基因疗法载体调节剂)。

我们先进的A.I.驱动平台(DrugCube,VectorCube和MotionCube)为波士顿的初创公司提供最佳的定制解决方案。 DrugCube是基于A.I.的集成计算机模拟引擎平台,可实现虚拟高通筛选(数百万种化学品)和提供逆向合成支持。 VectorCube是基于人工智能技术优化的化合物库,用于调节基因疗法病毒载体的向性和表达剂量。 MotionCube是数字化行为生物标志物发现和测量平台,用于比较动物行为的变化,高敏感度高精度。

Neuroscience Therapy,AI Platform