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Bosnan Consulting LLC


Busines and Fiancial Consulting
38 Downey street

Bosnan Consulting LLC is a global consulting firm specializing in the biomedical field.  It is registered in the State of Massachusetts, USA with offices in both US and China.
Bosnan’s service covers a broad range of areas:
•       Senior level talent search for academic and industry leaders experienced in their expert areas and able to function in a required culture and language environment;
•       Scientific, technological and business information search and analysis based on clients’ unique requests including patent search, special interest topic global review and report;
•       Identification of target technology and business unit for potential merger and acquisition, and the language and business support in follow up negotiations;
•       Professional conference organization and management for academic, technological and special interest topics;

Bosnan is founded by and support with world leaders in biotechnology, traditional pharma industry and clinical medicine.  Many of them are familiar with both Western and China’s social and economic systems, and have broad professional connections to the leaders in academic, industry and regulatory organizations in many countries.


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