Introduction to OCEAN BIO

This is the home for bio-tech companies founded or managed by overseas Chinese scientists and investors, or overseas subsidiaries of China’s biotech companies.  Such companies can be big or small, and can be in any area of biotechnology – biopharmaceutics, drug R&D, service, CRO, CMO, information, reagents, diagnosis, instrument and any other related areas.  Such companies may have its operations in anywhere in the world.

OCEAN BIO provides a free listing of such biotech companies.  Each company will show its name, logo, location, profile and website.  The information is either provided by the companies or available publicly.  Companies can contact OCEAN Bio manager at to provide their information to be listed or can submit their information directly online as indicated.  

Any company listed at OCEAN BIO can join Ocean BIO Wechat group that is dedicated to OCEAN BIO companies.  The communication and collaboration among its members are encouraged.  Local or global activities with shared interest will be organized. 

The goal of OCEAN BIO is to provide information, resources and opportunities for the growth of member companies. 

S&T global Biotech | Research Products & Instrumentation
470 Wildwood Ave., Unite 3, Woburn, MA
Scilligence Corporation Associated Industry | Information Technology
701 Concord Ave, Suite 202, Cambridge, MA
Selleckchem Biotech | Drug Discovery and Development
, Houston, TX
Servicebio, Inc Contract Research Organization (CRO) |
21-C Olympia Ave, Woburn, MA
Silicon Therapeutics Biotech | Drug Discovery and Development
, Boston, MA
Singlera Genomics Biotech | Diagnostic & Medical Device
, La Jolla, CA
Sino Biological Inc. Contract Research Organization (CRO) |
, Wayne, PA